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How to go through the writing doctoral dissertation?

The issue of choosing a dissertation council when working with us can be resolved depending on the set of conditions and circumstances with which you approached the stage of defense of your dissertation paper. If you have been trained or have been attached by the applicant and have been finalizing your dissertation at a university with an active dissertation council, then in general practice you should undergo a defense at the council of this university. In this case, our participation may be limited to your preparation for the defense process.

If at your university at the time of completion of postgraduate studies and the completion of the dissertation preparation there is no dissertation council, then we can undertake the solution of the issue with the choice of a dissertation council suitable for you. We will engage our scientific contacts, agree on a preliminary examination of your dissertation work in the council or at the department, solve issues related to attaching to the department of the university for further development under the requirements of the dissertation council.

In some cases, a so-called scientific internship may be required. We will be able to fully take upon ourselves all these and many other questions. For all types and stages of work, it is possible to conclude a separate contract. The process of defending a dissertation is in many ways a formal procedure, so you need to treat it calmly, without excessive emotions. The main work you have already done, pre-defense and the state final certification are behind, so all you need to do to defend is to calmly and confidently state the main provisions of the dissertation and answer the questions in sufficient detail. The report should be made short, but voluminous in content. The speech of the applicant should be calm, measured and convincing. Think in advance where to pause, and where to speed up. It is advisable to re-read the report several times using all the means that will be on defense – posters, slides, etc. It is better if you do it in the same audience where the defense will take place.

Focus on what results you have achieved in the process. Use the word “we” (you and your supervisor), rather than “me.” Be prepared to answer any questions, and build the answers themselves so that they clearly and fully reveal the issues rose. The report needs to be known if not by heart, then very well. It is better to play it safe and put forward theses in the department, for which you will speak. This will help bring the thought back on track if you forget something or get confused.